What do you do?

We've been increasing the amount of edible street planting around St Austell. Most of these are in public spaces for you to enjoy, have a look at the map to see what we've planted where. Some of these trees have been donated to schools and groups so they aren't generally accessible.

We also have a new community garden at Landrew Road. This is a big space for us to grow together, please get in touch and  come along to find out more.

How do you pay for everything?

When setting up Edible St Austell we were lucky enough to receive support from the School of Social Entrepreneurs. Along with a brilliantly helpful course, we received a grant to develop the project for which we also need to thank Lloyds Bank, the National Lottery Big Lottery Fund. 

Our goal is for Edible St Austell to become a sustainable self-supporting organisation, so we raise our own funds as much possible. 

Where do the trees come from?

Some of the shrubs we've planted have been donated by local residents. Yay! We buy most of our trees from Ashridge Nurseries, Somerset, because they offer a large range of high quality, British grown fruit trees. 

Now that we have the community garden, we've started to graft and propagate more of our own.