Never Mind The Burdocks

Careful foraging is a great way to explore the environment and collect free food! It is worth learning about our native plants and local foraging spots. My friend Emma is an excellent horticulturist and forager. She's writing a series of books based on foraging by the season and leads regular guided walks around Cornwall. Head to her site for more information.

National Collections

National collection holders will have (nearly) every plant of a genus or group. So if you have a passion for a particular plant head to the website to find the collection. Many collections are looked after by individuals in their private gardens so if you're really keen, you could have your own.

Eden Australia

The Eden Project now has and exhibit in it's Mediterranean biome dedicated to western Australia flora. Click to find out more.

Professional Gardener's Guild

Interested in a career in horticulture? PGG offer a unique traineeship.

People & Gardens

Since 1997 this project has been using horticulture to help people with learning difficulties and emotional problems.

Newquay Orchard

A community project created this traditional organic orchard in Newquay. Find out more...


Beautiful shrubs, easy to grow, delicious and very high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Head to The Blackcurrant Foundation to find out more.

Creating a Forest Garden

Martin Crawford's knowledge of permaculture and sustainable growing is incredible. I think his books are essential!