DIY Spiral Bird Feeders

Spiral bird feeders are perfect for suet or fat balls. They're also very easy to make!

You'll need:

  • wire (check our Facebook page to get some from us)

  • gloves

  • pliers

  • suet/ fat balls or peanuts

  • optional: something to wrap wire around, we've used a can of WD40

The wire we're giving away was found dumped in Landrew Road Community Garden when we took over. After some experiments, we found it to be very flexible, easy to sculpt and made really good bird feeders! 

  1. Use pliers to start, making sure to tuck the pointy ends in.

  2. Create a spiral either just with your hands or wrapping around an object.

  3. Check that fat ball fits inside your feeder.

  4. Make a hook.

Tips & Other ideas:

  • Best done outside with plenty of room.

  • Be careful of pointy ends.

  • Too small? Cut the fat ball up.

  • Make a tighter spiral and fill with peanuts.

  • Always remove plastic wrap from any fat balls.

Let us know how you get on.

Post pictures of your beautiful homemade spiral bird feeders on Facebook and Instagram, then tag us using @EdibleStAustell



Keep the spiral tight (narrow gaps), not too springy and make sure the top is inaccessible - otherwise birds can get trapped inside the feeder!

Can you come up with any other ways to use this wire?

  • a spike/ hook for fat balls or apples

  • pegs for pinning netting or membranes